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Dreaming of a relaxing walk in nature, full of crisp air and mineral springs, and far from the city noise?
Few countries in Europe can rival Bulgaria’s spa, balneological and wellness tourism, with its abundance and diversity of thermal mineral waters and curative mud deposits. There are more 600 known sources (only Iceland boasts more) with 1,600 springs that have a total capacity of 4,900l per second. Waters with low mineral content predominate – 66.7% of the springs, as opposed to 14.4% with higher mineral content and 17.9% that are naturally carbonated.
So Bulgaria can offer you the treatment, recovery and rest suited to your needs and desires.
You just need to relax and let nature take care of you.
And if you want to experience the glacial moraine, alpine meadows and melt water lakes within the Balkan Rila, Rhodopi and Pirin mountains then you've come to the right place.
The Balkan Mountains are the longest range in Bulgaria and gave their name to the entire peninsula. The Balkans are famous for their numerous mountain routes. The highest peak is Botev (2,376 metres above sea level). Excellent conditions for mountaineering and spa tourism are to be found there.
The town of Varshets is located at the foot of the Western Balkans, 90 km away from Sofia. In 1910 the first mineral bath in Bulgaria opened its doors there. Today it is called the Old Mineral Bath. Its architecture resembles the design of the baths in Baden-Baden.
The town of Hisarya is situated in Central Balkans and is famous for its healing mineral waters: 16 natural mineral springs and 6 drilled mineral water wells. The town is one of the oldest and most popular balneological and spa centres in Bulgaria. The climate is mild and pleasant, and one remarkable phenomenon there is the lack of fog. Because of this fact the town is regarded one of the sunniest spots in Bulgaria.
The mountains Rila and Pirin are alpine, characterized by steep ridges, high peaks, deep valleys, and gorges. The highest peak in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula is located in the Rila Mountains – Mount Musala (2,925 m). Here is one of Bulgaria’s landmarks – the seven Rila lakes that are located at an altitude of 2,095 m to 2,535 m. The largest resort in the Rila range is Borovets. It possesses excellent ski runs and mountain hotels. Unique opportunities for combining hiking, skiing and spa tourism are also offered in Panichishte and at Sapareva Banya. The latter is primarily popular for its mineral waters – the geyser with the hottest mineral water in the whole of Europe, with a temperature of 103°C, springs in the town, and it is the most temperamental in the world – it erupts at intervals of 5-6 seconds.
More excellent opportunities for hiking and skiing are offered in the Pirin Mountains, widely admired for their alpine beauty. The resort of Bansko is located here and offers impressive ski runs, a plethora of hotels and pensions, and the renowned Pirin cuisine. The town of Dobrinishte is a climate treatment and balneology resort, located 6 km southeast of Bansko. It is situated in a mountain region, surrounded by three mountain ranges – Rila, Pirin and the Rhodopi. There are 17 mineral springs there (with temperatures between 30 and 43°С), suitable for treatment of diseases of the locomotory system, neurological, gynecological, skin and other diseases. It offers a large mineral bath and an open-air mineral pool.
Further south, close to the Greek border, is the town of Sandanski. Apart from being a popular balneological and spa centre, it is the warmest city in Bulgaria. It is located at 240m altitude, and the climate is strongly influenced by the Mediterranean.
The second highest peak in Bulgaria and the third on the Balkan Peninsula is also located in the Pirin range – Mount Vihren (2,914 metres above sea level). The national park Pirin is included in the UNESCO list of natural heritage sites.
The Rhodopi Mountains, known as the home of Orpheus, are divided into the alpine western part and the lower eastern part. The highest resort here is Pamporovo, located in a densely forested area. You can enjoy the unique traditional architecture of the Rhodopi villages Momchilovtsi, Gela, Dolen, Leshten, Kovachevitsa and Shiroka Laka among many others, and sample traditional Rhodopi dishes. The Rhodopi Mountains are dotted with lodges that offer comfortable accommodations for hikers.
Velingrad is located in the western part of the Rhodope Mountains. Its beautiful nature and deposits of mineral waters make the city one of the leading balneological resorts in the Balkans.
Ognyanovo is another balneology resort, also located in the Western Rhodopes. It has a specific microclimate, as evidenced by the blossoming of acacia plants and the local air currents along the valley of the Kanina river. The resort offers 24 thermo-mineral springs with a water temperature of 39-40º C.
The town of Devin is located in the southwestern part of the Rhodope Mountains. It is famous for its mineral springs whose temperatures vary from 16º to 76 ºС. The mineral springs at Beden Village, 12 km away from Devin, produce waters at a temperature of 76° С. 4.5 l/sec. from its outflow which are redirected to Devin by a hot water system.


Package for you

A package for two including: return flights UK-Bulgaria, transfers to and from the airport, 6 nights at a 4-star hotel (Velingrad, Borovets, Hisarya, Sandanski, Bansko, Ognyanovo, Devin or Pamporovo), Half Board (breakfast and dinner), international travel insurance, five 30/60-minute face & body SPA treatments (one per day) and a walking programme with a guide to natural sites nearby.

Destination / Resort Velingrad, Borovets, Hisarya, Sandanski, Bansko, Ognyanovo, Devin or Pamporovo
Board type HB
Period 7 days, 6 nights
Accommodation 4-star hotel
Package includes SPA treatments and a walking programme with a guide to natural sites

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