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The city of Varna is situated in the north-eastern part of Bulgaria, on the Black Sea coast. It is the third largest city in Bulgaria and is called the Sea Capital of Bulgaria. The Archaeological Museum’s impressive collection includes finds from the Varna Chalcolythic necropolis – the oldest golden treasure found in the world until now, dating back six thousand years.
Among the rest of the museums, some of the most interesting are the Maritime Museum and the Ethnographic Museum. The Maritime Museum collection includes articles related to Bulgarian naval and commercial shipping. The Ethnographic Museum presents the rich diversity of culture and the lifestyle of the population in Varna region in the 19th century. Other attractions include the beautiful Sea Gardens and the splendid Cathedral of the Assumption.
As a cultural centre, Varna has built one of the largest and richest Fine Arts galleries in Bulgaria.
An exposition of icons painted in the Age of Revival, is kept in the church St. Atanasius, built in the 18th century. One of the most interesting historical landmarks of the town – the Roman Baths – the largest on the Balkan Peninsula with an area of 7000 square metres, is situated in close proximity to it.
Another tourist site which deserves attention is the Aquarium. It is a centre for popularizing the Black Sea flora and fauna. In the Dolphinarium, situated in the Sea Garden, you can enjoy a unique dolphin show. The Ecological Park of the University Botanical Garden is situated close to Varna, in the holiday resort of Sts. Konstantin and Elena. The plant collections include more than 300 species of exotic trees and bushes, and the herbaceous plants number more than 100 species.
About 14 km from Varna, is Aladzha Monastery – one of the few rock monasteries in Bulgaria, in which the individual sections with their different functions can be distinguished. The rock monastery is situated in the central part of the Natural Park Golden Sands – a protected territory with rare tree species. The beautiful nature around, in combination with the historical and Christian landmarks makes it a wonderful place to visit.
The options for food and fun are also rich – seashore restaurants, pizzerias, snack bars, beer-houses, bars and clubs. Many restaurants offer a diverse variety of seafood.
The summer theatre is a centre for numerous events, the most significant of them being the Varna Music Days and the world-famous International Ballet Contest.


Package for you

A package for two including: return flights UK-Bulgaria, transfers to and from the airport, 3 nights at a 4-star hotel, Full Board, international travel insurance, one 5-course dinner with a Bulgarian wine tasting and a programme of visits with a guide to cultural and historical sites in Varna and its surroundings.

Destination / Resort Varna
Board type FB
Period 4 days, 3 nights
Accommodation 4-star hotel
Package includes one 5-course dinner with Bulgarian wine tasting & programme of visits with a guide to cultural and historical sites

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