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Veliko Tarnovo was the capital city of the Second Bulgarian Empire, during its period of medieval greatness, when it was second only to Constantinople in splendour.

In the 19th century, during the National Revival, it again became a flourishing city. From that period date the picturesque houses perched on the high banks of the sinuous river Yantra. Some of these buildings are the work of master-builder Kolyo Ficheto - like the House with the Little Monkey, a tall house featuring a monkey figure, and the Hadzi Nikoli Inn an enormous building showing the city’s commercial wealth. And there are other hidden treasures to be discovered – including many splendid medieval churches, from St. Dimitar of Salonika, the city’s oldest church built in 1185, to the stunningly restored Church of the 40 Holy Martyrs, built in 1230.
By contrast there are modern art spaces and bars, artisanal shops and galleries, everything testifies to the rich cultural inheritance.

The majestic audio-visual spectacle offered by the medieval fortress Tsarevets will tell you the story of epic battles in the years of Ottoman conquest and make you feel you are on the movie set of a period drama.


Start exploring Veliko Tarnovo in Summer

A package for two including: round-trip flights GB-Bulgaria, transfers to and from the airport, 3 nights at a 4-star hotel, Full Board, international travel insurance, one 5-course dinner with Bulgarian wine tasting, a programme of visits with a guide to cultural and historical sites in Veliko Tarnovo and its surroundings.

Destination / Resort Veliko Tarnovo
Board type FB
Period 4 days, 3 nights
Accommodation 4-star hotel
Package includes one 5-course dinner with Bulgarian wine tasting & programme of visits with a guide to cultural and historical sites

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