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Burgas is situated on the Black Sea shore at a distance of 400 km from Sofia, and is considered the best Bulgarian city for its quality of life. The closeness to the sea and the flat nature of the region is the reason for its settlement from antiquity to the present day. There are multiple archaeological finds from the Thracian period (4th century BC).
Discoveries from Antiquity and the Middle Ages are presented in the Archaeological Exposition. The cathedral church, St. Cyril and St. Methodius, is also one of the most visited sites in the city. it was constructed during the period 1897 - 1907 according to the plans of the Italian architect Rikardo Toskani (1857 – 1929).
The bird diversity in the Burgas lakes and the present condition of the flora and fauna on the South Black Sea shore are presented in the Natural Science Exposition.
The large Sea Garden is a wonderful place for strolling, sitting and having a coffee. The summer theatre of the city is situated here and features diverse concerts and performances.
During the summer season Burgas turns into a festival centre. The Sand Figures Festival has been conducted for a few years now. Sculptors from all over the world participate in the making of sand figures, for which tons of sand are used.
The nightlife, especially in the summer season, also offers a lot of opportunities – discos, bars and clubs.

30 km to the south is the city of Sozopol, one of the oldest on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. In the 5th century BC, massive fortress walls were constructed to protect its monumental public buildings. Ancient writers describe The Temple of Apollo the Healer as colossal, housing a 13-metre high statue of the god. In 72 BC, Apollonia was conquered by the Romans, who plundered the city. The legendary statue of Apollo was removed to Rome as spoils of war. Remains of the Saint Ivan (Saint John) monastery complex dating from the X-XII century are still preserved, as is the medieval basilica in the city centre.
The romantic atmosphere of the city’s beautiful old town with its narrow cobbled streets and venerable old houses, make it a perfect destination for a one day trip.
30 km to the north is another ancient city - Nesebar, established more than 3200 years ago. Thracians settled there at the end of the Bronze Age. They were succeeded by the Dorians (an ancient Greek tribe) who came to the town at the end of the 6th century BC. Under their control the settlement expanded: a fortified wall was built and residential quarters were established.
Because of its exceptional cultural and historical value in 1983 Old Nesebar was included in the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage Sites.
A number of churches have been preserved and two of them – St. Spas and St. Stefan, have been transformed into museums.
Many of the houses in the Old Town were built during the Bulgarian Revival Period (18th – 19th centuries).
There are numerous restaurants in the vicinity that serve delicious seafood.


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A package for two including: return flights UK-Bulgaria, transfers to and from the airport, 3 nights at a 4-star hotel, Full Board, international travel insurance, one 5-course dinner with a Bulgarian wine tasting and a programme of visits with a guide to cultural and historical sites in Burgas and its surroundings.

Destination / Resort Burgas
Board type FB
Period 4 days, 3 nights
Accommodation 4-star hotel
Package includes one 5-course dinner with Bulgarian wine tasting & programme of visits with a guide to cultural and historical sites

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